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How to run a successful cleaning business

Tired of working for someone else? Looking to set up your own cleaning business and carve out your own path to success?

You’ve come to the right place – this website will help you finally put all those leadership skills to practice!

Starting your own business is a big step and one that can easily feel overwhelming. But don’t worry – our community has your back!

How to succeed in business

Starting a business and becoming successful are two very different things. With the way things are right now in the UK, almost anyone can start a business. Fill out a few forms, put your signature on a few pieces of paper and you’re good to go – you can call yourself a business owner! Being a successful businessperson, however, takes much, much more. A good business owner takes a lot of time, effort, knowledge, dedication and leadership skills. And while some people might be “born leaders”, nobody can know everything right off the bat. Learning everything about your field and niche, about managing your tasks correctly and leading your team to success can take a lot of time, especially if you’ve never dabbled in this before. 

What this website can do for you

The best thing about this website is that it does exactly what it says on the tin – we’ll teach you all about running a successful business leader! Stick around, and you’ll learn the ins and outs of the cleaning business, tackled from a UK standpoint. We cover a wide variety of topics, from how to get your business off the ground (a thing that a great many people struggle with nowadays), through the importance of networking and leveraging your existing contacts, all the way to solidifying your operations and generating long lists of happy return customers. 

But there’s even more!

We’re also going to get down to the gritty nitty details. Our community is all about sharing knowledge and helping each other succeed. We all know the annoying feeling of being unable to find answers to exact questions – we’ve all been there. You punch your problem in Google, and you’re greeted with numerous articles about more or less similar subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with your particular situation. If you’re fed up with it, don’t worry – so are we! That’s precisely why so many people have chosen to be a part of our community. Say goodbye to the long, “all flash no substance” articles, nonsensical YouTube comment sections and advertisement-filled quora threads. You’re here for answers, and that’s precisely what you’ll get! 

What you can expect

My name is Antoaneta – I’m a self-made businesswoman and the leader of a first-choice UK cleaning company. I’ve got over 18 years of experience in running a successful cleaning business, and I made this website so I can share my knowledge with the rest of the world. Over time, our community has grown into a place where people come to not only learn from my experience but also share theirs. Because let’s be real – nobody knows it all! I’ve been through a lot of things, I’ve dealt with a huge variety of situations, but there’s always more to learn just around the corner. And I keep learning new things to this very day! While mainly focused on the particularities of running and growing cleaning business, we can also offer you insight into the various fields in which you can conduct it. Our list of topics covers the areas of:

  • Domestic and Commercial Cleaning
  • One-off cleaning 
  • End of tenancy cleaning 
  • After builders cleaning 
  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Upholstery cleaning 
  • Custom-tailored cleaning services

We’ve gone a long way

Only active for a few months so far, we’ve already gone a long way. Not only has our member count increased tenfold in the last 30 days alone, but we’ve also had the fantastic opportunity to expand our library with professional tips and tricks, courtesy of our most experienced business leaders. Whether you’re looking for tips, seeking advice, or just need someone to share your experiences with, our community is always there for you! We’ll provide you with the ideas and support, as well as a wellspring of information on everything related to the cleaning field!