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About our
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I get it – following orders, sucking up to your superiors and working a nine-to-five job can get old really fast. And don’t even get me started on the pay. If you were to go out right now and ask the first few people you meet on the street if they think they’re getting paid what they deserve, you’re almost guaranteed to get a couple of negative answers. The reason for this is quite simple – everyone wants to move up the ladder. You can’t really blame them either – we’re just hardwired that way.

We want, no – we need – to succeed, we need to accomplish noteworthy things, in order to feel satisfied with ourselves. And what’s the best, most sure-fire way to do that? It’s by starting your own cleaning business, from the ground up, by seeing it grow and flourish in front of your eyes, and knowing that all of this is happening as a result of your honest efforts and unwavering determination.

About How To Run A Cleaning Business

Why this platform?

I am Antoaneta Tsocheva – a self-made businesswoman and leader of a successful, London-based cleaning company. But I wasn’t always a business leader. At first, I wasn’t any better off that you. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet that I was in a much worse situation!

I arrived in London in 2001, with no understanding of the English language and barely any money to my name. I had to start at the very bottom, working as a part-time bartender and private cleaner just to make ends meet!

Eventually, however, my knowledge grew, and so did my ambition. I realised that I can do much more than just take orders or clean apartments.

More about my story and cleaning business

Getting my first business off the ground wasn’t easy. Despite all that I had learned, I wasn’t prepared for the initial chaos, related to setting up and managing a successful cleaning business. I only had a vague idea of how to get clients, run my team or organise the tasks.

But I didn’t let that hold me back!

Even though a considerable chunk of my free time (or rather, all of my free time), I managed to get my business up and running. It wasn’t until I finally got my website up and running, however, that the clients started pouring in.

Now, many years later, my business is still going strong. I’m now the proud leader of one of London’s most innovative cleaning companies, back up by over 250  cleaners and 20 management/administration team. One thing, however, hasn’t changed. To this very day, I’m still learning new things about being a business leader, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. There’s always something new to learn, just around the corner. But just because I had to go through all of that on my own, doesn’t mean you have to!

And that’s precisely why I’ve made this website – to offer my knowledge and advise to everyone, looking to start their own business.

What I can teach you

My long years in the field have taught me a great deal of things about leadership, business management and networking. I can tell you everything about the do-s and don’t-s and best practices for running a cleaning business in the UK.

My company’s list of services extends to

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning

One-Off cleaning

One-Off cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Custom Tailored Cleaning Services

Custom Tailored Cleaning Services

Even though all of those fields might sound similar, they all come with their distinctive differences and little quirks. Domestic cleaning, for example, is an excellent field for getting your business started, as there’s always plenty of work. For an already established company, however, it can be a tad inefficient, as you’ll have to compete with numerous private contractors, just waiting to pounce on your clientele. The commercial cleaning field, on the other hand, is much more stable. The clients there tend to look for quality above all else and are highly interested in long-term, effective contracts, rather than quick and inexpensive one-off deals.

Our community

Even though this project has only been active for a couple of months so far, it’s already gone a long way and I’m incredibly proud of our community! Whether you’re looking for tips, seeking advice, or just need someone to share your experiences with, our community is always there for you! We’ll provide you with the ideas and support, as well as a wellspring of information on everything related to the cleaning field!

Running your own cleaning business

Residential cleaning has become one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Naturally, this has given rise to the demand for domestic help, with over 2.7 million households spending an average of £12 billion per year on household assistance services. Experts foresee the demand doubling over the next few years.

This has primarily affected the domestic cleaning field, as most people would much rather spend their free time in leisure centres or focus on their hobbies than deal with household cleaning hassles. And who can blame them? This, however, brings us to our next point:

Domestic help is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Why should you start a cleaning business?

We live in a world where most people are “cash-rich but time-poor”. The rapid economic growth, relatively stable economy and decent job security have greatly increased the earnings of the average household.  From office workers to business owners, few of us have the time to spend on domestic cleaning tasks.

Starting a business all on your own is most certainly a major step, but nothing to be afraid of, especially when backed up by a knowledgeable professional partner capable of guiding you through the basics.

Choosing us as your partner will allow you to safely and securely lay out the foundations of your business, achieve your first targets and quickly build up your confidence.

You’ll no longer be an employee, working for someone else. The time has come for you to be in charge. Now, you will lead and others will follow. You are about to build and manage your very own professional business establishment. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone! Our professional advisors will be with you for every step of the way, ready to answer any questions that you might have and offer their support and guidance.

What we offer is an efficient and effective partnership – you’ve got the ideas, management skills and passion. We’ve got the experience and tried-and-tested strategies. Help us help you build a successful cleaning business!

A Professional Service

We guarantee – clients’ homes to be cleaned to a very high standard.

What we can offer you experience in the market of 18 years – professional domestic cleaning, our clients have been served by very highly trained cleaners, vetted and insured.

We have spent years developing and improving our business so that it can work in the best professional way, so we can teach you how to grow your business in the same way so you can become a leader in that industry too

We’ve used our long years in the field not only perfecting our craft, but also improving the business aspect of our establishment, testing and implementing a wide variety of management and growth strategies. And we’re going to pass all of this knowledge to you so that your business can grow and flourish as well!

About Us Running A Cleaning Business

Choose us today and:

Benefit from low up-front investment costs

Don’t take needless risks

Have an easy-to-operate business

Rise miles above your competitors

Enjoy a strong cash flow with very high returns

Tap into a growing market

Target the right people

Is simple operation

Secure a steady stream of return customers

We will show you how to target the right people for clients who need this service

Benefit from professional guidance and support at all times

You won’t have to face the difficulties of management alone. We’re here to help you on every step of the way and make sure that your business turns into a huge success.

We want you to be successful with running your business on a professional level, we’re going to ensure that you are fully prepared for the tasks ahead.

You will not be left alone to manage your business. We here to help you at any stage; we are here to make sure you are successful in this business

WE want you to be successful and run your business on a very professional level, so it is very important for us to make sure that you are ready to do this business and therefore we will give you very thorough training and support.

What we will do for you – help you to set up your business, to open a bank account, VAT, NI registration, train you to use our management system and accounting software, we will give you marking materials, templates, how to find cleaners in your area, how to deal with the clients and make sure they are always happy and satisfied.

We will teach you how to run a cleaning agency

We will encourage the talent and ideas of everyone in the company in order to maximize opportunities and benefits.

We will keep you informed all the time – newsletters, meetings, online support – forum, just to make sure that you have all the necessary ongoing support.

Our long experience showed us that to be a business successful, it needs a very strong management system. This has proven to be the key point for every big success.

It took us few years to develop a system that can keep you in form at all the time about the situation in your business, this why you will have an advantage to use a system ready and tested by us.

One of the serious issues in this business is finding reliable cleaners.

With our professional software we will be to be always in track of any stage of your business, to view and manage appointments, to manage billing, keep track of cleaners and availability etc.

With our proven experience will teach you to sign up  95 % of the clients who call you and you meet to sign up with you. We will show you how to make sure the clients to choose your agency compare the others in the market.

You car target any areas you like and  you will have the best opportunity to develop and grow your business.

Do you want to be your own boss and to manage your own time and to work in your own environment?

You have to:

stay focused and keep to your goals

be passionate

have the ability to listen and to be directed in the right direction in the business

have to be energetic

enjoy what you do

be ambitious

be determinate to make this business work for you with our support

be self-motivated

believe in your success

If you like what you read just do the next steps call us for an appointment to learn more about our business opportunity.

How To Succeed In Business

What we can do for you

With our help, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know about running an exceptional cleaning agency.

Opening a business bank account

Starting a business from scratch


NI registration

Management systems and accounting software

Marketing and prospecting

Finding potential employees

Dealing with clients

Getting positive feedback

Our system allows you to:

Streamline follow-up procedures

Manage billing

Keep a close eye on your current contracts

Schedule, Manage and Review appointments and notes

Keep track of your employee’s tasks and their availability

Why should you join our cleaning company platform?

Leverage our expertise and see for yourself how easy it can be to score meetings, strike deals and convert your newly-found prospective clients into a steady stream of return customers.

Learn the ins and outs of your target market, pick any area you like and grow your business quickly.

Do you want to be your own boss?

Do you want to be in charge of your time?

Do you want to work in your own environment?

Do you want to be in control of your finances?

Then you’re making the right choice!

What we’re asking of you

In order for our training program to work, we’ve got a couple of requirements. How well you can fit into this criteria will determine your degree of success with OUR PLATFORM.

You have to be:

Determined to make your business work for you (and not the other way around!)




A believer in your success

Laser-focused upon your goals

Able to listen and take advice


If you’re interested in our program and would like to get in touch, please follow the next steps.

Feel free to call me on 079 0165 0779 or 020 3984 6595 for more information!

The Cleaning Market

Residential cleaning has become one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, with 2.7 million households spending around £12 billion every year on domestic help, with demand predicted to double over the next few years.

Employing domestic help is no longer a luxury.

Instead, hiring a cleaning company is a lifestyle choice which many different types of people are making; from single working parents to professional couples, the elderly or disabled to busy families.

Because we offer a flexible service it makes the option of hiring in domestic help more affordable and attractive to a wider number of people.