Training and Support

Training & Support at How to Run a Cleaning Business

Be bold, be smart, be independent, be daring – STEP UP TO THE FUTURE! Our goal is to make you independent and self-sufficient!

Our role

Our role is to make sure that we find the right people and then work hard to help them set up their business.

As the advisor, How to Run a Cleaning Business’ job is to recruit new people to join our network.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

From basics such as opening up your business bank account and registering for VAT, to training you to use our bespoke software system.

Your role

You will not be a cleaner!

Your job is to run your own cleaning agency; developing your business, maintaining the high professional standards that How to Run a Cleaning Business has established and maximising the opportunity in your territory.

You do not have to go through a severe learning curve to perfect your business model. We’ve already done this for you and proven that our system works.

Most importantly, you must have a real desire to provide the very best service to your clients and to treat your cleaners with respect.

With our training and support, the relationships you build will be key to your success.